Tower Conquest Mod 23.0.14G (Unlimited money and diamonds)

Tower Conquest Mod is a gaming application made and developed by Titan Mobile LLC. The application is a simple but equally interesting and extremely attractive entertaining strategy game.

Along with the classic summoning strategy gameplay and countless challenging levels with increasing difficulty, the application promises to bring extremely great entertainment experiences for you. Currently, it is a game that attracts a large number of users to participate in the experience. Coming to this article MODRADAR will learn about it with you!

An Overview of Tower Conquest Mod

An Overview of Tower Conquest

What is Tower Conquest Mod? and information related to the application will be shared by us to you right now!

What is Tower Conquest Mod?

Tower Conquest mod full money is a game where you will be playing the role of an extremely talented ruler who is protecting your nation from the fierce attacks of enemies. With addictive tower defense strategy gameplay, equip yourself with the soldiers as well as the best quality defense system and also to avoid enemy attacks.

When participating in the game, you will discover a vast mysterious world, defeat enemies and receive treasures. Dive into this game app to find eternal glory, recruit and develop a flawless army to break the opposing towers.

The outstanding features of Tower Conquest Mod

There are 5 different factions: Including 70 characters, heroes and extremely unique towers.

The app will be fought based on a strategic goal to test your defensive skills and speed.

There’s a vivid 2D art style along with custom animations and 50 different backgrounds dedicated to factions.

Collect as many cards as you can unlock and develop your battle units, you can allow them to achieve more powerful and unique combat abilities.

The card system is extremely rich along with rewards that are constantly increasing as you complete the goals of the game and travel to new worlds.

There are 5 unique squad positions, mix and match more than 1000 character combination points to find the most perfect squad.

Some information about Tower Conquest Mod

Only support installation on devices running android 4.1 and above.

The shared version of the app is 23.0.14g.

The size of the application is very light at only 129MB.

The version of the game has been shared with big data and modded unlimited amounts of money and diamonds.

The app can completely be used without an internet connection.

Constantly updating the latest versions for this game,…

Some details for tower conquest Mod app game experience

Some details for tower conquest app game experience

Although Tower Conquest Mod is the most popular gaming application today, not everyone knows the details for experiencing the game in the most proficient way. Right now let us give you the information! Or you can learn more games such as Defense Heroes, Tower Crush to have a very attractive new experience.

Gameplay and missions included in the Tower Conquest Mod app

Tower Conquest mod full hero is a card strategy game and has extremely simple gameplay. Your main task in each match is to summon and use your warriors in the most effective way to destroy enemies as well as destroy their main house.

You will summon warriors from the cards. You can only carry up to 6 cards including: 1 main house card, 4 warriors and 1 leader card in each match. Each warrior card as well as the leader will have a different level of summoning energy and you need to accumulate enough energy points to be able to summon your warrior to the battlefield.

Warrior cards and card classes included in Tower Conquest Mod

Lots of different warrior cards for you to choose from and use in this game. You can use gold coins to upgrade cards that increase stats in strength, health, and speed,… In addition, when you accumulate enough necessary cards, you can promote them so that the cards help them change their appearance and increase a significant amount of power.

Key game modes in this gaming app

Key game modes in this gaming app

Tower Conquest Mod has 2 main game modes:

  • The pass mode has countless gates and the difficulty of each stage increases gradually, each gate will have a completely new and interesting topic. You will travel to kingdoms, overcome challenges and receive attractive rewards.
  • Event challenge mode gives you special missions, difficulties that when you pass it you will receive great rewards

Final Thoughts

Through the above article, MODRADAR has helped you learn about Tower Conquest Mod hopefully that information will help you in becoming a professional ruler.