Rise of Kingdoms Hacks

rise of kingdoms hack

A Rise of Kingdoms Hack is any app, software, tool, modification or method that allows players to gain unfair advantages and cheat, get more free gems, resources, legendary commanders, statues and other goodie. – While there is a variety of means and ways to hack Rise of Kingdoms, hacks or generators for unlimited free gems and resources are not possible and always fake.

Hacks are ways to modify or extend the code, memory or data sent by the client that allow for users to gain an advantage in Rise of Kingdoms. The most common ways of doing this are hacked clients also known as ‘mods’, game hacking apps which are available for both Android and iOS and sometimes packet editing, which is the manipulation of information sent to the Rise ok Kingdoms game servers.

Features included in the most popular hacks may include speedhacks, automated building and farming, troop hacks, automated defense and resource saving, auto raiding, damage hacks and more depending on the version and build of the Rise of Kingdoms game app, the OS (Android or iOS) and what hacks are possible at any given time based on server vs client side processing of data. However, cheats or tools for unlimited gems, gold, resources and VIP level are sadly impossible, since that data is stored on the Lilith Games servers exclusively and cannot be modded using any means.

rise of kingdoms mod menu

Modding is by far the most easy and convenient way to use hacks in Rise of Kingdoms. Since a mod is basically a version of the normal RoK game app that has been tinkered with to run cheats by default and therefore can simply be downloaded, installed in place of the original game and played just like the normal game. However, some mods will require you to change some system files and while some will require no root or jailbroken device, others might. So it is important to follow the instructions included with the download of a Rise of Kingdoms mod when trying to cheat in this game, else one might we wasting their time trying to get them to work.

While modding is done on both Android and iOS mobile gaming platforms, it is generally much easier to find mods on Android (Mod APKs) than it is to find mods and mod menus for iOS. This is due to the fact that Android is easier to develop for and easier to install unsigned apps on among other reasons. To find working modded game clients, go here.

rise of kingdoms mod

Rise of Kingdoms Mod Menu

The most powerful and nicest Download when it comes to Rise of Kingdoms hacks is no doubt the mod menu. While one might say that this is just another kind of mod and nothing worth featuring, the mod menu is the best that mods have to offer and far more complex and sophisticated than any other Rise of Kingdoms mod. Any decent mod menu will not only offer a huge variety of cheating options and features, but will also offer the user an ingame custom menu that allows the user to customize, enable and disable certain features and enter custom values to tailor the hacks to the users liking specifically. The creation of a Rise of Kingdoms mod menu is far more complex than any other cheating method and experienced programmers and reverse-engineering experts are required to compile a premium mod like this, which is why it is quite rare to find free mod menus for download on the internet. So if you ever happened to find a working and updated mod menu, remember where you got it and thank the creator of the mod, because this is the most powerful cheat you could ever hope to get for Rise of Kingdoms.

rise of kingdoms modded apk ios

Scripts, Macros and Bots are software that is able to automatically play Rise of Kingdoms for you and farm goodies, such as gems, resources, gold, Commander Sculptures and others automatically without you having to play the game yourself. A good bot can save you lots of time, can play on multiple accounts at once, can automatically farm barbarians and players, auto scout and attack, build your city, research automatically and perform other automated actions in order to get you as little downtime as possible and keep you progressing through the game 24 hours every day.

Bots are the best way to get unlimited gems, gold and legendary commanders / gear over time, since actual generators or hacks for unlimited gems do sadly not exist, since Rise of Kingdoms is an online game. If you would like to learn how to set up your own bots for RoK, check out this tutorial. Or you can find working bots using your cheat finder tool.

rise of kingdoms bot

There are other ways to gain an edge over other players in Rise of Kingdoms that are not quite as mainstream, readily available and obvious as mods, bots and hacks. However, these are still often used by the top players and in some cases are the reason why the best players in RoK are the best players.

rise of kingdoms tools exploits

Exploits / Dupes

Exploiting is a way of cheating that uses bugs in a specific build of the game or multiple builds in order to gain an advantage. The most well-known kind of exploit in online games is of course the duplication glitch that can allow for item duplication, currency duplication and so on. In Rise of Kingdoms specifically an exploit may one day enable infinite gems, resources, troops, legendary commanders and equipment, VIP level 20, item duping and so on. However, if such powerful exploits are ever discovered, they will only be usable until they get patched from the game and using them will very likely lead to an account ban.

rise of kingdoms cheats

Multiboxing / Multi Accounts

Multi account play is of course something people do in almost every city builder online mobile game out there and is considered cheating in some and not in others, but multiboxing takes the concept to another level, allowing you to control 10, 20, 30 or more accounts all at once and is often used along with bot software in order to create whole alliances of bots and coordinate the accounts to dominate a server. While this is extremely hard to do and will require quite some know-how and resources, it is certainly possible and is being done by pro players in Rise of Kingdoms.

rok p2w allowed cheats

Spending Money

As in most mobile games you can also simply spend money and support the developers to get an advantage, but since that is technically a feature of the game, it cannot be considered cheating. Truly the best way to get unlimited gems, gold keys, legendary goodies is to simply have a high credit limit on your credit card. On a more serious note, you should support the developers of your favorite online mobile games, even if you are using other less convenient ways of cheating.

Mod Menus

Mod menus are a very special and premium kind of mod that usually comes packaged with an ingame menu that allows users to customize and enable / disable individual features. Mod menus are the best of their kind and usually only available for download to people getting a premium subscription. However, very rarely free downloads can be found.