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War Brokers is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game that was released by Trebucket Studios. It’s a free-to-play game that can be played on web browsers, as well as on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.</p>n

In War Brokers, players can choose from a variety of maps and game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Battle Royale. The game also features a wide range of weapons and equipment, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and grenades, as well as vehicles like tanks and helicopters.</p>n

One of the unique features of War Brokers is its voxel-based graphics, which give the game a distinctive blocky look. The game also has a leveling system, which allows players to unlock new weapons and equipment as they progress.</p>n

Players can team up with friends or join random matches, and the game’s matchmaking system ensures that players are paired with others of a similar skill level. The game also features a chat system that allows players to communicate with each other during matches.</p>n

Overall, War Brokers is a fast-paced and engaging multiplayer shooter game that offers a variety of maps, game modes, and weapons to keep players entertained for hours.</p>n</div>n</div>n</div>n</div>n</div>n</div>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Thinking Blocks Multiplication”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Thinking“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Thinking Blocks Multiplication”,”section_text”:”

In Thinking Blocks Multiplication, you are the brilliant inventor of robotic dinosaurs. You want to open a dino theme park but all your dinos are missing! To open your theme park, you must solve story puzzles to find your dinos.</p>n

Thinking Blocks Multiplication is ideal for grades 3-4. Students will learn to model and solve word problems involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities.</p>n

n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Spider Match Integers”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Spider“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Spider Match Integers”,”section_text”:”

Play Spider Match Integers and sort through a tangled web of numbers. You’ll need to find the perfect pair to make a certain number using integer addition. Click on any pair of numbers that, when added together, equal the target number in the box at the center of the web. It is possible to play with up to three other players.</span> By playing Spider Math Integers, the student will learn to combine positive and negative numbers and use problem-solving skills to find several ways to make a target value. Can you win with your spider? Good luck!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Pizza Pandas”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Pizza“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Pizza Pandas”,”section_text”:”

Everyone loves pizza, including Pandas! Pizza Pandas is a fun math game designed to help children learn fractions. Using the mouse, click on the pizza to see how many slices appear. Then, choose</span> the fraction that matches the number of pizza slices. It is possible to play with up to three other players. </span>In this fun and educational game, elementary school children will learn to perform mental</span> math and identify equivalent fractions. Students will better understand fractions as numbers by playing Pizza Pandas.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Musical Mix-Up”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Musical“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Musical Mix-Up”,”section_text”:”

Oh no, it’s a musical mix-up! The music store manager has misplaced all sale price tags for music instruments, and the big sale starts today! A price list has been found showing the pricing for sets of instruments. However, your help is needed</span> to determine how much each instrument costs.</p>n

In Musical Mix-up, you will learn to determine the unknown number in a multiplication equation relating three</span> whole numbers. This is the perfect game for elementary school kids.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Robot Island”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Robot“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Robot Island”,”section_text”:”

The Robot wishes to leave the island but needs your help finding his way out. For the robot to reach the exit, you will need to enter commands for the robot to follow. Once you feel you have placed the commands correctly, press the Go button. If your pathway fails, you can try again. Robot Island is a fun game that helps develop problem-solving, sequential and spatial reasoning skills.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Kangaroo Hop”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Kangaroo“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Kangaroo Hop”,”section_text”:”

By matching geometric names with their appropriate pictures, Kangaroo Hop helps develop problem-solving skills. The game is perfect for students in grades K-3. Play with up to four other players and try to reach the finish line first!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Merge Round Racers”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Merge“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Merge Round Racers”,”section_text”:”

As the name suggests, Merge Round Racers is a car-merging game created by TinyDobbins, where the user collects coins, buys cars and merges them to create a better vehicle. Prepare your garage, buy and collect cars, and merge them two by two to create a new and improved model! Move your cars to the race track and get coins as you pass the finish line! Discover what level you can reach with this addictive game. Get the best vehicles and discover what level you can reach!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Smash TV”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Smash“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Smash TV”,”section_text”:”

Smash TV is a classic arcade game that was first released in 1990 by Williams Electronics. The game is a top-down shooter where players control a character who must navigate through a series of rooms, fighting off hordes of enemies and collecting various power-ups and prizes along the way.</p>n

The game is set in the year 1999, where the world is controlled by a group of TV executives who have created a game show called “Smash TV”. Contestants must fight their way through a series of deadly challenges and battles in order to win cash and prizes.</p>n

The gameplay in Smash TV is fast-paced and action-packed, with players using twin-stick controls to move their character and aim their weapons. The game features a wide variety of enemies, from basic grunts to giant robots and bosses. In order to survive, players must collect power-ups such as weapons, health, and extra lives.</p>n

One of the unique aspects of Smash TV is its use of humor and satire. The game’s over-the-top violence and absurd premise are clearly meant to poke fun at the excesses of 1980s and 1990s pop culture. The game also features a hilarious announcer who provides commentary throughout the gameplay, often making snarky comments about the player’s performance.</p>n

Despite its age, Smash TV remains a beloved classic among arcade enthusiasts. Its fast-paced gameplay, challenging difficulty, and humorous style have made it a favorite among fans of retro gaming. The game has also been ported to numerous home consoles and computer systems, ensuring its continued popularity among new generations of gamers.</p>n

Smash TV is a classic arcade game that remains a beloved favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts. Its fast-paced gameplay, challenging difficulty, and unique humor have ensured its continued popularity over the years. Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade games or simply looking for a fun and entertaining experience, Smash TV is definitely worth checking out.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Thinking Blocks Addition”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Thinking“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Thinking Blocks Addition”,”section_text”:”

Word problem games are educational games that help people develop problem-solving skills. In Thinking Blocks Addition, you will build models to solve word problems. Add to, take from, combine, take apart, and compare with unknowns in all positions in one- and two-step word problems.</p>n

These games are designed to help individuals become comfortable using critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex problems. Word problem games can also be used to reinforce classroom concepts.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Secret Code Multiplication”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Secret“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Secret Code Multiplication”,”section_text”:”

It’s easy to get sucked into Secret Code Multiplication if you’re a math fan and love secret codes. Each shape has a digit that you must correctly identify.</strong></span> Make each equation true by replacing symbols with digits. Tap on a symbol and then tap on a number to enter that digit for that symbol. To solve the puzzles, you must make valid equations.</p>n

The solution can be viewed if you get stuck. Good luck!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Math Puzzle 2″,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Math“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Math Puzzle 2″,”section_text”:”

Math Puzzle is back with a new set of challenges in Math Puzzle 2. As with its predecessor, you’ll solve math puzzles using arithmetic skills. In the space provided, enter your answer. If you are satisfied with your answer, click OK. You can get help if you get stuck by tapping the Hint button.</p>n

In addition to improving your logic and strategy skills, you can also improve your computation skills by playing math puzzles. Pay close attention; some puzzles can be pretty tricky.</span> Good luck!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Math Puzzle 1″,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Math“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Math Puzzle 1″,”section_text”:”

Solve the math challenges in Math Puzzle 1 using your arithmetic skills. In the space provided, enter your answer. If you are satisfied with your answer, click OK. You can get help if you get stuck by tapping the Hint button. In addition to improving your logic and strategy skills, you can also improve your computation skills by playing math puzzles.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Candy Challenge”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Candy“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Candy Challenge”,”section_text”:”

Oh no! The candy shop’s candy jars are all empty.</span> To refill the candy jars, you must use mathematical reasoning to place the candy in the correctly priced</span> jars. Time to take on</span> a candy challenge!</p>n

With your mouse, select a candy.</span> You will be able to see</span> the piece you selected and other candies of the same type highlighted in yellow. In this exercise, you will determine how much one piece of candy costs. You may use hints at each level to figure out the per-piece cost of the candy.</span> Select the jar with the same price as the candy you selected. Upon correct guessing, the candy should appear. There is a possibility that you will see that candy again in another puzzle, but you will already</span> know how much it costs. There will be levels where you will be asked to figure out how much an entire candy package costs. Enter the total on the number pad after adding up the costs of each piece.</span> Do you think you can place all 30 pieces of candy correctly?</span></p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Tug Team Multiplication”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Tug“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Tug Team Multiplication”,”section_text”:”

Have a good time and learn multiplication by playing Tug Team Multiplication. Learn to multiply numbers by memory. You’ll strengthen your tug by practicing multiplication and selecting the correct answer! Can you make your tug as strong as possible to win the competition?</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Dirt Bike Fractions”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Dirt“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Dirt Bike Fractions”,”section_text”:”

Playing interactive online games is an effective way to learn math, as these games help teach critical thinking skills in a memorable way. Using browser games to teach problem-solving skills can help cognitive abilities develop. Dirt Bike Fractions is an engaging way to learn how to simplify fractions and create equivalent ratios. This free online game will help young students understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems. So put on your thinking cap and start playing math games today!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Koala Karts”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Koala“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Koala Karts”,”section_text”:”

Playing interactive online games is one of the best ways for young kids to learn math, as it helps teach critical thinking. Using browser games to teach children problem-solving skills is a fun way to develop their cognitive abilities. The goal of Koala Karts is</span> to match sets of objects with numbers. Choose the correct numbers to continue the race and try to come in first place! As a result of playing Koala Karts, children will be able to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Car Visualizer”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Car“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Car Visualizer”,”section_text”:”

Pick your favorite car and customize however you like! Choose from several models, including Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Mercedes.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Battle City”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Battle“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Battle City”,”section_text”:”

Battle City is a classic arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1985. It is a tank-based shooter game that requires players to destroy enemy tanks while defending their own home base.</p>n

In Battle City, players control a tank that can move in all four directions and must navigate through a series of levels, each containing various obstacles and enemies. The player’s goal is to destroy all enemy tanks on the level and then destroy the enemy base without losing their own tank.</p>n

The game features a variety of power-ups that can be obtained by destroying certain enemies or obstacles, such as increased speed, more powerful weapons, and protective shields.</p>n

In addition to the main game mode, Battle City also includes a two-player co-op mode where two players can team up to complete the levels together.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Soccer Heroes”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Soccer“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Soccer Heroes”,”section_text”:”

Fun soccer game where you need to use your best dribbling skills to avoid the oncoming player. Have fun!</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Xevious”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Xevious“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Xevious”,”section_text”:”

Xevious is a classic arcade game released by Namco in 1982. It is a shoot ’em up game that takes place in a futuristic world, where players control a futuristic fighter plane and must battle against various enemy aircraft and ground-based targets.</p>n

In Xevious, the gameplay is more complex than other shoot ’em up games of its time, as the player must not only destroy enemy aircraft but also avoid obstacles such as trees and buildings. Additionally, there are hidden targets called “Sola” scattered throughout the game that, when destroyed, grant the player bonus points.</p>n

One of the unique features of Xevious is the use of “dual-layered” gameplay. The player must battle enemies both in the air and on the ground, and the game’s graphics have two separate layers to represent these different combat zones. Players must strategically use their weapons to destroy enemies on both layers while avoiding obstacles.</p>n

Xevious also introduced a scrolling background, which added a sense of depth and movement to the gameplay. The game also featured a catchy and memorable soundtrack that added to its overall appeal.</p>n

Xevious has been ported to various home consoles and remains a classic of the arcade era. Its innovative gameplay and memorable visuals have made it a favorite among gamers for over four decades.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Candy Crush”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Candy“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Candy Crush”,”section_text”:”

Candy Crush is a browser game that was created by King in 2012. It is a puzzle game that has become incredibly popular over the years, with millions of players worldwide. The game is simple to play and easy to understand, making it accessible to people of all ages.</p>n

The game’s objective is to match three or more candies of the same color in a row or column, either horizontally or vertically. Each level has a different goal, such as achieving a certain score or clearing a specific number of candies in a limited number of moves. Players can earn points and power-ups by matching four or more candies, creating special candy combinations, or completing multiple matches in a single move.</p>n

The game’s graphics are bright and colorful, with vibrant candies and playful animations. The game also has a cheerful soundtrack that adds to the fun and lively atmosphere. The user interface is easy to navigate, with clear instructions and an intuitive design.</p>n

Candy Crush has several features that make it addictive and challenging. The game has hundreds of levels, with increasing difficulty as players progress through them. The levels are designed to be challenging but not impossible, keeping players engaged and motivated to continue playing.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Glitch Dash”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Glitch“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Glitch Dash”,”section_text”:”

The captivating platformer game Glitch Dash requires fast reflexes and heightened skills. Glitches refer to an error during gameplay, such as a floor tile that hasn’t loaded or obstacles that pop up and block your path. A glitch makes a game more complex, so be prepared to take on</span> an even more significant challenge beyond simply not falling off the platform. Keep playing to unlock new levels and more incredible fun. You will enjoy beautiful graphics and relaxing background music in this uniquely entertaining game.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Micro Wars”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Micro“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Micro Wars”,”section_text”:”

Micro Wars is about capturing enemy bubbles and removing them entirely. You will need a higher score than your enemy’s to catch enemy bubbles. You can combine your colored bubbles and neutral grey bubbles if necessary to achieve a higher bubble score than your enemy. Be quick, as your enemy will increase their bubbles and score to defeat you.</p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”Eagle Rider”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"Eagle“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”Eagle Rider”,”section_text”:”

Ever dream of flying like an Eagle and experiencing the freedom of flight? Fly a majestic eagle through perilous flight paths in Eagle Rider and experience the thrill of flight. The game features three different modes: classic, crazy, and hardcore. You can receive a protected eagle by collecting gems in crazy and hardcore modes. It’s a fast-paced game, and you’ll need lightning-fast reflexes to avoid death. Good luck! </mark></p>n”}],”link”:””},{“title”:”8 Ball Pool”,”game_code”:”</iframe>”,”game_icon”:”"8“,”description”:[{“font_sizes”:false,”section_title”:”8 Ball Pool”,”section_text”:”