Nitro Pro for Windows

All-in-one PDF creator and editor

Nitro Pro is a productivity suite for PDF software that enables in-depth and accessible PDF creation and editing, eSigning, and more. In short, if it has something to do with PDF files, this program can do it. Create, edit, review, secure, and convert PDF documents, all with fully realized optical character recognition (OCR). NitroPro also streamlines the process of in-app functions, meaning you can get the work done in less time and without the cluttered navigation of similar apps. Other alternative apps you can try are Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Phantom PDF.

Nitro Pro accelerates PDF workflow, quickly and intuitively merging PDFs or other documents with a single searchable PDF, which can be organized and quickly located later. Fully integrated with other Microsoft Office formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or HTML files, Nitro Pro features built-in conversion tools that ensure your document can be read and edited regardless of where you’re pulling it from.

All PDF functions in one place

If you’ve ever dealt with signing online documents, you’ll know it can be a hassle without the proper PDF programs. Nitro Pro eliminates the irksome struggle of cutting and pasting your signature, scanning and signing with pen and paper or purchasing expensive PDF software that you seldomly use. Nitro Pro was engineered for utility and convenience, addressing all your needs in one package.

Nitro Pro simplifies the PDF editing process for both individuals and for businesses. Anybody can benefit from a one-stop-shop for all PDF resources and editing, but Nitro Productivity Suite takes the service a step further – Nitro’s all-in-one software for remote work is designed to accelerate everyday tasks, saving your company money and making it easier for your employees to do their job.

Nitro Productivity Suite streamlines task management by organizing the workflow of the company pipeline, promoting digital accessibility, eliminating the redundant printing of documents, and overall lowering costs. The suite provides unlimited eSigning and offers multiple pricing tiers with straightforward licensing. Ease your digital workflow and reduce business costs all in one, while modernizing daily document processes all at the same time.

Nitro Pro has supported some of the world’s largest organizations since 2005, improving the efficiency and streamlining workflow for over 650,000 businesses, many of which fall under the Fortune 500. It’s an especially appealing product due to its user-friendly and familiar interface. Even novices unfamiliar with Nitro Pro will be able to acclimatize quickly; its UI is reminiscent of Microsoft Office, sporting a recognizable toolbar, the same shortcuts, and a customizable Home tab.

You can even use Nitro Pro’s Outlook plugin to create PDFs directly from emails. From there you’ll be offered suggestions for print reduction, Smart Tips, and an onboarding product tour. The floating toolbar provides Optional Content Group (OCG) layers with easy access to a variety of editing tools to suit your needs quickly and conveniently. Preview PDF files in Windows Explorer, Outlook, or on your preferred web browser.

Features and security

Nitro Pro expedites the PDF editing process so you can keep your mind on more important tasks. Whether you’re editing contracts, spreadsheets, blueprints, or other forms, Nitro simplifies the procedure, creating PDFs from all major documents, images, and file type extensions. The drag-and-drop interface easily creates and combines PDFs into one document, which you can insert, delete and organize pages at your discretion.

The seamless familiarity with other ubiquitous products is one Nitro Pro’s outstanding perks. The app integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, SharePoint 365, and OneDrive. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files can all be converted to editable PDFs, and vice versa. If you’re more comfortable working in any of the aforementioned programs, Nitro Pro can import PDFs where you want to work on them.

When it comes to image editing, the service can also convert a number of file formats ranging from JPEG and TIFF to PNG, extracting both text and images. You can also use Nitro Pro as a batch converter, which further reduces user hand-holding when you’re on the job, and does so on desktops, browsers, or mobile devices. Nitro Pro functions efficiently on touch-enabled devices as it does on PCs, so it’s an easy way to navigate and manage PDF documents even while traveling.

When it comes to managing documents on the go, however, security becomes a more pressing issue. In that regard, Nitro Pro has also taken several steps to ensure the safety of your files. It incorporates password protection and permissions for each individual PDF, and any information deemed sensitive can be permanently redacted by its owner. You can also opt to label a PDF ‘protected’ to restrict third-party copying and/or editing.

Nitro Pro uses document version tracking and creates and manages digital IDs, including the legal binding of eSignatures. You can easily apply your own electronic signature to documents with the integrated QuickSign tool, as well as send, track, and confirm any electronic signatures in real-time notifications and analytics. This is especially handy when operating from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Nitro Pro vs Acrobat

Whether it’s for converting, creating, or printing, there are hundreds of PDF application programs on the market. Adobe Acrobat is the leading brand, and is the most obvious competitor for Nitro Pro. Both outfit employees with a high-quality PDF solution and increases user productivity in the same manner. Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for improving data security as well, promising strong performance and similar features.

The difference is that Nitro Pro does the same but at a lower price. In addition to this, Nitro Pro mimics the familiar Office 2007 ribbons, which many users making the switch will find familiarity. On the flip side, Acrobat excels at the customization tools vs Nitro Pro.

Everything PDF in one service

For most users, the lack of customization features won’t be a major detractor, as Nitro Pro is primarily used for a ‘get in, get out’ simple purpose. The comprehensive app does a good job of simplifying a commonly frustrating function, and it does so with added security and convenience perks. For a one-stop shop for all things PDF, we recommend giving Nitro Pro a try, especially since it comes with a free trial period.