My Talking Tom 2 MOD Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Menu)

My Talking Tom 2 MOD Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money/Menu)

My Talking Tom 2 Mod is the hacked version of the most popular virtual pet game on android. With this mod, you will get unlimited gems, coins and other resources for free without spending any money. Everything is completely unlocked which enhances the gameplay experience. You can take care of your Tom in all the possible ways.

Feed with the best food and customize your Tom with best outfits. You can go to store and buy anything with endless money and coins. You can buy food, toys, outfits and many more. It is completely free to play and this mod is absolutely free to get. Millions of people use this game mod to get endless gems and coins in this game. There are so many mini games available which you can play with your virtual pet. You can interact with your pet and talk to him in a friendly way.

Tom will mimic your voice to make you laugh. There are hundreds of care options which you can adopt. Take complete care of your pet and help him grow healthier then ever. Graphics and sound effects are so nice. Optimization is amazing that you can play on any android device without any problem. Below are the main features of this virtual pet game.

My Talking Tom 2

New Mini Games

My Talking Tom 2 comes with dozens of new and awesome mini games. Play all of these mini games and get rewards. Play as a Tom and complete various levels and tasks in game. It has so many different games including action, puzzle, adventure, racing and many more mini games are available. The best thing is that these mini games have multiplayer feature, where you can play with other players around the world. Multiplayer in mini games enhances the gameplay and make it more exciting and awesome. Having fun with your Tom is necessary for your pet.

My Talking Tom 2

Make Your Pet Happy

Being the owner of your pet, it is your responsibility to make your pet happy and healthy. You have to take care all the things related to your virtual pet such as sleep, hunger, cleaning, fun and more. If your cat is feeling hunger, then go to kitchen and feed him. Play with him to keep the Entertainment level full. Let him sleep on time because doing everything on time will make your pet happy and healthy. Shower your cat and make him look clean. Interact with your Tom and talk to him. Stay alert and keep checking if your virtual pet needs you.

My Talking Tom 2

Smooth Graphics

Graphics of this game are so smooth and seem realistic. This game is completely designed in 3D graphics and you can experience the best visuals and colours of this game. Experience the best graphical interaction with your pet such as laughing, feelings, playing, talking and more. Outfits are perfectly designed and look so stunning. Colours are bright and sharp. Vivid graphics and sound effects make the game more interesting and exciting. Tom will mimic your voice in such a way that you will start laughing loudly. Mini game graphics and sounds are so good.

My Talking Tom 2

Easy Gameplay and Control

Gameplay and controls are so easy that you can play this game without having any issue. Whenever your cat feels hungry, you can easily feed him. You can easily interact with your cat by swiping on screen. Move your finger from left to right change the room. The controls of this game are fully responsive. You can easily pick any toy and play with your cat. Mini games controls are also easy and you can easily play any mini game with your tom.

Free Mod Version

The mod version of this game is completely free to download and play on any Android device. You will get unlimited gems, coins and different items without paying any money. You can buy anything such as food clothes and different items for your cat.

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