Does Kaido die in One Piece Wano Saga?

Does Kaido die in One Piece Wano Saga?

The recent episode of One Piece ends with Luffy launching a devastating attack on Kaido. Does that mean he dies after that?

One Piece recently concludes the fight between Luffy and Kaido with the protagonist’s overwhelming victory. After 20 years of suffering, the people of Wano are free from Kaido’s and Orochi’s tyranny. However, defeating Kaido is the most difficult challenge Luffy ever faced.

He passed out so many times before he managed to take down the Yonko. The victory is only possible thanks to Luffy’s devil fruit awakening, after which he is able to transform into Gear 5. He used the technique called Bajrang Gun to land the final blow.

Whether it’s the stellar visuals or Luffy’s strongest technique, everything plays a part in making it one of the best episodes so far. However, it’s unclear what happened to Kaido after he suffered the devastating attack. Delve deeper to find out whether Kaido is alive in One Piece.

What happened to Kaido after he lost against Luffy in One Piece Episode 1076?

One Piece Bajrang Gun

Kaido’s defeat in One Piece is truly ironic. After transforming into Gear 5, Luffy quickly overpowered and defeated Kaido. The punch sent the Yonko straight to the ground, creating a visible hole that matched his dragon shape.

Kaido was thrown so far underground that he ended up in a magma chamber. This parallels what happened with Oden, who was burned to death on Kaido’s orders. However, unlike Oden’s heroic sacrifice, Kaido got what he deserved.

Kaido’s status remains unknown to this day. After suffering the blow, he passed out and changed to his original form, but no one knows what happened to him after he was burned in the magma chamber. As he fell, the Beast Pirates were surprised because of an underwater volcanic eruption.

Kaido’s defeat is similar to Big Mom, who was also sent deep underground thanks to Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. In chapter 1064, Pudding confirmed Big Mom’s death after being kidnapped by Blackbeard. Oda avoids killing off characters as much as possible; Blackbeard further proves Big Mom’s death by telling Pudding he is fighting her killer (Law).

Therefore, while Kaido and Big Mom share the same fate, one’s death is confirmed, which leads us to speculate that Kaido didn’t survive either. While he’s undoubtedly stronger than Big Mom, his body wouldn’t have resisted the magma when he was unconscious. Since Kaido doesn’t have any role left in the story, it is uncertain if Oda will officially confirm his status.

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