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TikTok is so much more than just dance challenges and lip-syncing videos. While we do love our fair share of those, there are certainly some TikTok videos that have made our lives easier. Yes, we’re talking about all the amazing ‘life hacks’ we’ve all seen on TikTok.

TikTok has several life hack videos. While some post genuine hacks videos, others are parody videos mocking the more unbelievable hacks. But either way, this is a category of videos that is loved by many. But with so much content on the platform, how do you find some genuine life hack TikTok videos? That’s what we’re here to help you with.

Check out some of our favourite TikTok life hacks right here!

Instant relief from period pain

Period pain can be nasty. And almost every woman goes through this terrible pain every month. So, what if a simple trick can help you get relief from this pain? All you need to do is follow the simple steps given in this video to get some instant relief from period pain.

Light a 3-wick candle like a pro

Have a candle with 3 wicks, but always end up burning your hand while trying to light them? Here’s a trick you can try to light your candles like a pro. Learn this cool hack and more in the following video.

DIY curly cutter

Do you love curly fries but don’t have the cutter to make them? We’ve got the perfect hack for you. And all you need for it is a cola can and a cutter! Check out this amazing hack to make curly fries, curly zucchini noodles, and more.

Protect your phone chargers from breaking

Everyone hates when their phone charger starts fraying at the ends. So what do you do? Use the spring from your old click pen and now you’ve got a protected yet flexible phone charger. Check out this video for some more cool TikTok life hacks.

Cutting coriander

Picking out coriander leaves from their stem can be a boring and tedious task. How can you do it quickly? By using a simple life hack! Take a grater and slide your coriander stems through it. And there you go! Perfectly plucked coriander leaves.

No more tears while cutting onions

Nobody likes cutting onions. And the biggest reason for this is either the smell or the amount of tears we shed. But what if there was a simple hack to stop the tears from flowing? Simply keep a wet paper towel on the side and cut your onions while staying tear-free!

Wear your bracelet the proper way

Putting on a bracelet on your own can get messy. How do you even put on the clasp with a single hand? Just take a bobby pin and hook it through the bracelet. This way, you’ve got more grip to work with! Check out this video to know how easy it is to do that.

Learn more TikTok life hacks while earning TikTok Rewards!

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