Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Unlocked/God mode/Revive) 5.0

Introduce Hungry Dragon MOD APK

Hungry Dragon lets players play roleplaying dragons that are in need of food. The script that Ubisoft Entertainment created makes you go from screen to screen very fun. Surely you see this type of game is no stranger. However, Hungry Dragon hack has unique characteristics that make the game endless fun. Can you provide the amount of food that the character needs? The hunger is causing the dragon to constantly seek food to survive. Physical power will be reduced immediately if you do not give Dragon energy. Note the HP bar in the upper right corner of the screen. Take care not to let the dragon die from starvation.

In addition to the prey filled with Kcal, the player needs to pay attention to obstacles. There are things you should not touch even once. The hunger sometimes makes the character more difficult to control, the player must control not to cause an unfortunate incident. The menu is very rich but conversely, you avoid confusion in your meals. Sometimes the mistake is small enough that the stage is over and you have to play it from the beginning. But if so, do not be afraid to do so, do not lose the strong style inherent of a powerful Dragon.

Hungry Dragon MOD

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK – Satisfy your hunger

The main task is just to find food but Ubisoft has expanded its activities to more activities. The game is not monotonous because Hungry Dragon has many alternate activities. You must collect Dragon collection to enrich your character list. Each name has a strong point, pick the dragons you want. Hungry Shark Evolution, Hungry Shark World are also games of this publisher. If you want to be the boss in the ocean, play as the biggest shark.

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Unlock outfit

With many different effects like eating more, flying faster, or burning stronger. You need to have more costumes to reinforce the skills of the Dragon better. During the game, try to unlock as many costumes as possible. Going through the difficulty level will be easier if you have a good outfit.

Use the pet

In many other games maybe the pet is just for decoration or you have to take care of it. But in Hungry Dragon pet will help you increase your power significantly. Collect more pets if you want your Dragon to be more powerful. When faced with difficult challenges, it is no longer a simple task, now you should think of assistance.

Upgrade your Dragon

There is no limit to the Hungry Dragon, which is compared to the character’s hunger. If you initially control the dragon to eat small animals, the later the menu will increase. Your prey can now be monsters, people … Train your Dragon to get used to a new food to start a new sweep. A new delicious surprise is waiting for players at Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon mod android

Other interesting series of activities

Discover many new areas like forests, hills, and goblin cities. You can also access mysterious areas of the world through breaking obstacles. All that remains to do is satisfy your hunger, eat a lot to get a better score. Activating Fire Rush destroys everything on your way. Get special power by working hard, you will soon become a legendary Dragon.

Version MOD Hungry Dragon

  • Unlimited money.

Unlock new and more powerful dragons to truly master the sky. Don’t forget that upgrading also makes the dragon even more powerful. The number of dragons is very much, in turn, discovering each unique point of each dragon.

Hungry Dragon MOD apk

Hungry Dragon also has tournaments for you to compete with friends. With 3D graphics, the fire war will be more intense when everything is sketched in a true and clear way. Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK transforms into a character who hunts for food and shows his destructive power.

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