Clash Of Clans MOD APK v15.352.22 | COC Hack 2023 (Unlimited Gems)

Clash Of Clans MOD APK v15.352.22 | COC Hack 2023 (Unlimited Gems)

The trend of strategic games is increasing day by day, even a lot of adventurous, battle-royale, and shooting games are also using the strategy as a standard genre niche nowadays.

Today in this article, we will talk about the modified version of an old strategy game, which is still famous in 2020 named Clash Of Clans (COC).

This game has been out for about seven years, and it’s 2020 right now, but it is still one of the best strategic games for mobile devices. COC game is still at number seven of the numerous popular strategy games on the Google App Store.

This game is in the seventh position of all the strategy genre games even after seven years. Also, this game reached earlier in the second position of the numerous successful strategical games on Android in March 2017.

So please read this whole article for getting complete knowledge about the game features and installation.

About Clash Of Clans Game

COC abbreviated as the game, Clash Of Clans, was released in Aug 2012 for the apple ios version and in Oct 2017 for the Android operating system by Supercell.

A lot of time from the release of the game, it struggled a lot for reaching top-grossing games, such as Subway Surfers, talking tom, Candy Crush, and much more.

After some time, COC was proved as the most addictive game ever. Even this game is still at the top #1 in the grossing list of Google Play Store, and also, if we list whole strategy games of Google Play Store, this game still holds 1st position.

The gameplay of COC is damn easy. You only have to put your strategy skills into it, and winning will become clear. At the start of the game, you have to build your village with the help of the builder.

Your town will start with a town hall and a builder. After that, you have to shop for a lot of elements. Among these, essential items are marked below with their usage:-

  • Gold Mine – For the production of gold coins, used to buy some defense materials.
  • Gold Storage – As you collect money in the bank, you need Gold storage for managing and withdrawing coins.
  • Elixir Collector – Same as a gold mine, it works as a producer of elixir, which we can use to generate our army for the fight and for shopping most of the buildings.
  • Elixir Storage – It’s a storage for elixir and also manages the storage capacity of the elixir. Since if you upgrade it, storage capacity automatically increases.
  • Barracks – The Barracks allow us to train troops to attack enemies and monsters.
  • Army Camp – For stationing of troops or soldiers, We can use army camps, and by upgrading them, we can make our army damn powerful.

What is Clash Of Clans MOD APK?

Clash Of Clans game has three types of currencies, which are coins, elixirs, and Gems, and earning all of them is so hard. For such extra features, here we have the modified or recreated version of COC, which is the same as the official one, but the difference is in some additional features.

Also, this game has several paid features that you can quickly get free of cost by installing Clash Of Clans MOD APK. You don’t have to worry about the account ban issue since our team had already tested this app for your delightful use.

Features of COC Hack APK

If you’re a gamer, you must have at least once heard about Clash Of Clans since this game has a separate fanbase. Till now, it completed about 500 Million+ downloads on Google Play Store.

But this game comes with a lot of in-game purchases, and enjoying paid features free of cost is everyone’s dream. That’s why we took the Clash Of Clans MOD APK version in this article for giving you enormous features from which, we have listed principle features below:-

Unlimited Resources

While using the Clash Of Clans Hack APK, you will get unlimited free resources. Since if you’ve played the COC official, you should know how much time and money it takes for building resources.

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But on using COC Hack APK, you will get unlimited free resources, and you don’t have to spend elixirs and gems. The number of gems won’t decrease while spending, so you can buy any quantity of elixirs and resources without worrying.

Town Hall 13

In Clash Of Clans, Town Hall plays an essential role, and it takes a lot of achievements and coins for upgrading town halls. By upgrading the town hall, your map area will enhance, also your army level increases, and much more.

But while using COC MOD APK, you won’t need any kind of gems, elixirs, coins, or achievements (tasks) for upgrading the town hall, whereas you will get a Level 13 Town Hall at the origin of the Clash Of Clans MOD APK.

Single-Player Offline Battles

You can’t play COC without an internet connection, whether you want to play local offline battles or online matches if you are using COC’s official app.

But if you are using hacked MOD version of COC, you can play mission matches of the game offline, you just need an internet connection for playing multiplayer matches with some friends or other random players.

High-Quality Graphics

Graphics plays an essential role in each and every game, no matter whether it is strategic, shooting, or adventurous. Graphic qualities are enhanced in this new modified COC MOD APK, you can also change your visual state according to your phone pixel resolution by displaying video settings in the game.

Stable & Fast Servers

While using Clash Of Clans MOD APK, you won’t suffer from any of the lag issues, or even it will run the game on the best servers, which results in stable and faster network speed for the individual app.

Since E-sports championships are also getting added into Clash Of Clans, so in those matches also you will get a stable ping.

Anti-Ban & Safe

We have already told you above that before you use any app, our team tests the app for any bug or virus which can ban your account. So you don’t have to worry about anything like that. Your account won’t ban even after vigorous use of this game.

All Other COC Private Servers

In actuality, Clash Of Clans runs on Supercell’s original server which is examined so hard to collect coins and elixirs also to make an empire, construct buildings, upgrade town halls, and for doing everything, it’s so hard on Supercell’s original server.

That’s why some private servers are made for COC in which you will get unlimited coins, infinite elixirs, and also unlimited gems.

The advantage of Private servers is to upgrade everything to its max level and show off unlimited gems to your friends.

Private servers also have a disadvantage which is a doubt of the account being banned if you’ve logged in by G-mail on a private server. And then again, if you are, you are logging in to the original server.

So please log in with a new fresh account and enjoy the enormous features. There are many types of private COC servers, some of them are mentioned below:-

Clash of Lights APK

Clash of Lights is one of the best servers in the COC private servers list, since apart from having unlimited coins, elixirs and gems, there are still a lot of embedded features in Clash of Lights.

This Private server is damn easy to download on any platform. Below are some essential elements of the clash of lights.

  • You will get unlimited resources like coins, elixirs, dark elixirs, and gems on this server.
  • All you have to do is give a command to the game’s commander. For knowing more about appropriate commands, send command /help.
  • These servers update from time to time as per season.
  • These servers are so stable with no lag issues and are hosted at extremely high speed.

PlenixClash APK

PlenixClash server is also one of the best private servers of the Clash Of Clans, even you can download it from its official website. This server comes with tremendous features which are the following –

  • This server is so much Genuine, which means you don’t have to worry about the account ban. Even PlenixClash has its own website.
  • PlenixClash apk is so much easy to use, it is a user-friendly app because of this, you will get an excellent experience.
  • You don’t have to worry about building resources or fighting online with players, you will get unlimited support with about every troop accessible for the fight.
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The remaining features of PlenixClash APK are the same as other private servers.

Clash of Magic APK

There are a lot of differences between the official Clash Of Clans game and Clash of magic which you can imagine yourself by reading below the features of Clash of Magic

  • You can build and upgrade your armies, collectors, gold mines, and much more without losing any gems or elixirs.
  • You can get about unlimited builder troops as per extended limit, and also builder halls and townhall updated to their max level.
  • Having this app means having unlimited Gold coins, elixirs, dark elixirs, and gems with free unlimited storage.
  • You will get a lot of legendary troops at the start of the game itself like Raged Barbarian, Bomber, Miner, Battle Machine, etc.

Clash of Souls APK

If you are already a Clasher, then you will know how much time and mind it takes for building your village and upgrading the town hall to a higher level.

Clash of Souls is the best private server for helping you out of this. Below are the features of Clash of souls

  • Clash of Souls offers you unlimited coins, elixirs, dark elixirs, gems, and all other used resources.
  • This private server is so much more secure to use, so if you’re installing this one, you don’t have to worry about the account ban issue.
  • This server is available for every device.
  • In COC, buildings that take 30 to 40 minutes to get completed, will complete in zero seconds by playing Clash of souls.

FHx Private Server (FHx COC)

FHx Private servers are those servers that get updated soon if you are choosing these private servers, you have to take proper knowledge about them.

This server lets you play the original Clash Of Clans game with some embedded features. Its features are as same as other private servers, but have a few different functions, like this server is free from ads, malware, etc. It also provides you with unlimited chests.

How to Download and Install COC MOD APK

This MOD game is damn easy to install and play, you will get the link below, and the step instructions for installing it are listed below –

  1. Click on the link below named Clash Of Clans MOD APK and you will get redirected to the download page.
  2. Click on the download button for downloading the application from the best server.
  3. If you haven’t turned on installation from unknown sources like File Manager, then proceed to Settings > Applications > Unknown sources and turn it on.Unknown Sources
  4. Open the file manager, then go to the download folder and install the Clash Of Clans Hack APK.
  5. The game is successfully installed, You can enjoy it right now.

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This article is fulfilled with complete information, features, and download instructions for Clash Of Clans MOD APK. You can download it easily with this article, and you’ll enjoy it a lot with such a great experience.

This game doesn’t have any security issues, so you don’t have to worry about it. Must download and enjoy this app, if you are getting any problems, please mention them in the comment box.

MOD Info:

– Global chat available- Town Hall 14 / Builder Hall 10- Zero build time, free upgrades- PvP, PvE, Commands working- Unlimited Money/Gold/Resources- Create and join a clan, chat with other players- Troops as heroes available/ Infinitive placement