Gacha Life APK 1.0.9

Gacha Life APK 1.0.9

Join the community of Gacha games right here! Create your character, make your own mini-movies and enjoy the good life. What’s more, you can collect gems to enter different mini-games and Gacha for rare items and gifts. What are you waiting for? Download Gacha Life for Android now!

Gacha Life Features

Gacha life is not just addicting for no reason. There are a ton of different game modes and features that will keep players active for long periods of time. And you’re definitely no exception. Take a sneak peek at what you’re in for when you join the life of the Gacha lover:

Character Customization:

  • Create and dress up your very own anime character. You will have 20 character slots to create your own mini-community of people. Make them flare with all of the latest fashions. Mix and match your characters with various clothes, accessories, weapons and more!
  • There are tons of items that were previously unavailable in past games from the same studio. The inventory of Gacha Life is exploding with charisma!
  • Clothes aren’t the only customizable feature. Change up your character’s facial features and even their hair styles, eyes, mouth, and more!

Studio Mode:

  • Next, Studio Mode is where you bring your stories to life! Create different scenes with all of your different characters. You can add text bubbles to your different characters to create engaging stories for everyone to enjoy.
  • The Skit Maker option also allows you to combine different scenes together. This creates an entire story and universe for your characters to interact within! Explore your creativity with this mode and make your own unique stories!

Life Mode:

  • Life Mode allows you to interact with all of the different aspects of the Gacha world.
  • Talk with various NPCs and learn more about their own unique stories and backgrounds.
  • This mode is 100% offline! You can play from anywhere at any time without the need for an internet connection.

Gacha Mode:

  • Here is the bread and butter of a Gacha lover’s game. Here you can play through 8 different mini-games to pass the time.
  • Earn rewards and use them to Gacha for more than 100 different items and gifts to add into your inventory.
  • These games are entirely free to play! Grind your way to earning more gems.


Gacha Life is entirely in 2D. The graphics are in a cute anime-style. This is appropriate, since Gacha is the term for the Japanese toy machines. Anyways, the visuals are crisp and in HD quality. Every story is engaging and entertaining with the colorful cast of different characters you can create.


As a whole, this game is everything a Gacha fan could ever ask for.

Gacha Life Old version APK 1.0.9 Download Free

On another note, you can also grab the Gacha Life APK Android download for even more features. With this version, you can cheat the game and earn prizes much more quickly than usual. There won’t ever be a need to grind for your resources ever again.


So, this version of the Japanese collect-a-thon should be the obvious pick to add onto your Android library. Go ahead and click the download Gacha Life APK Android file now to begin the installation process. You won’t be sorry for your decision.