Format Factory for Windows

Format Factory is a leading file conversion software that lets you convert video and audio files from one format to another. Since most tools allow conversions for limited file types, this program is considered to be an excellent choice. It’s a multi-purpose application, letting you convert a wide range of file formats. As such, you can use the software to work with documents, audio tracks, video files, and the like.

Converts multiple file formats on Windows PCs

Format Factory is a powerful, free, and simple video file converter for commercial and personal use. With this tool, users can change the file extension or format of an image, audio track, video file, or text document to run on a different operating system or application. Thus, it makes it easier to play your favourite videos and music files on multiple devices.

The comprehensive download lets you reduce the file size, saving storage space on your Windows computer. Some formats can reduce the file size without sacrificing quality, and this tool is compatible with multiple formats in this category. This allows you to create backups of your files to be played on DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CD ROMs, among others.

What about video conversions?

It’s worth mentioning that the MP4 file format is ideal for downloading videos online. It can also be used to copy DVDs to the system. If you want to upload videos on the internet, you could consider converting MP4 files to MPG files. This can be done with Format Factory. Additionally, if you want to convert files from an older smartphone into MP4, the tool supports this functionality.

At times, some video files can’t be played on a tablet or smartphone. In order to resolve this issue, you can use the video file converter to turn Shockwave SWF files, Windows WMV files, and Flash FLV files into MP4s, ICOs, TIFs, and AVIs.

What about audio conversions?

If you want to access some old-time Quicktime files on your new Macbook or PC, you might experience some problems. However, Format Factory can easily convert WAV song files into the more popular MP3 format. With the file conversion software, you won’t have to worry about losing your old favourites due to the lack of cross-platform synchronisation.

In case you’re looking to capture a phone conversation, the audio file converter lets you change the AMR codec into AAC, which can run in one of the leading sound editors to break audio into the background and front tracks.

Are there any advanced features?

Apart from supporting leading file formats for text, image, audio, and video files, Format Factory supports AVI-Mux files. As such, you can use the video and audio file converter to merge multiple videos or music files to create a longer movie, soundtrack, or background score. The subtitles can be converted into a text file. This feature comes in handy for creating easily accessible backups.

The software lets you store all the files on a USB, CD, or DVD. This allows you to carry your multimedia files with you all the time. In case you want to save some storage space, the program is available in a portable version, which doesn’t need installation, and can be carried on an external device.

This program also allows you to extract a picture from a PDF you’ve downloaded to the computer. You can also edit the file’s text in Word. The program has a built-in tool for this functionality. When you convert files from PDF to another version, it secures the page’s presentation and content to be displayed as intended on the PC’s screen.

Programs like Format Factory can save a good amount of space on your hard disk, and allow you to run files on a range of devices. While this video converter is an excellent choice, it doesn’t hurt to check out a few alternatives, such as Free Video to MP3 Converter, Any Video Converter, Total Video Converter, and the like.

A great choice for video and audio conversions

Format Factory is a multi-functional, all-purpose, and robust software. It’s available for free and doesn’t require a subscription or payment. The program can convert various file formats for text, image, audio, and video files. Whether you’re looking to convert downloaded YouTube videos, your favourite audio tracks, or PDFs, this tool won’t disappoint. Apart from a few occasional lags or crashes, the tool runs smoothly on all versions of Windows.