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Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes is an online real-time strategy role-playing game that combines hack-and-slash style action. Playing the game, you will be immersed in the ancient battle where there are not only humans but also gods and demons.


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Introduce about Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes

High-speed action game with MOBA elements in an ancient setting!


In the ancient world where everything was in chaos, wars were taking place everywhere. Powerful forces took turns conquering the lands, claiming hegemony in every place they won. Thinking that having abundant military power and land is already a powerful thing, these forces have been more aggressive and arrogant, they underestimated everything.

This attitude angered the heavens. The High God created the God of Destruction to punish man’s arrogance. All the magic from the High God and the wrath for humanity poured into the God of Destruction, which made him strong. And he even betrayed the gods who gave birth to him.

This unpredictable situation forced God and Man to once again hold hands and work together to fight the terrible power of the God of Destruction. Unable to directly participate in the war, the Gods sent down the Gem of Valor to earth. Whoever has this gem will gain the courage and strength to lead humanity against destruction.

And you are the leader humanity is waiting for. To achieve the ultimate goal of defeating the God of Destruction, you will have to choose from many famous mythical heroes (such as the hero Odyssey, and the ancient god Anubis…) to form a team of heroes and use it as a sharp weapon against evil forces.

A wider, more terrible, larger-scale war between Gods – Humans broke out. Hundreds of uncompromising battles showing the strength of the parties will appear all in Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes.


In Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes, you are tasked with leading an invincible army. Each hero in the squad has 4 sets of skills and unique moves. You have to take advantage of all the advantages you get to destroy all the enemies from the AI ​​and other players. Be careful because not only do you have a powerful army, but the enemy also has the same thing, sometimes even surpassing in skill and strength.

Each hero, in addition to skills, has many soldiers following him. They come from many different races and have their own advantages: long-range, close-range combat, archery skills… The hero will be the one to lead the soldiers, and you are the hero leader.

In addition to leading and arranging a reasonable squad, you can also buff more strength for heroes and soldiers to make them stronger and fight more effectively.

Each hero to battle can bring up to 6 soldiers and 6 items including both health-consumable and non-health-consumable items (like weapons). The soldiers can be upgraded to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. At the highest level, the soldier with 5K will be equal to the health of the lowest-level Hero. So don’t look down on mortal soldiers.

When you go to battle and win, you will get new equipment such as powerful weapons and armor. These items are divided into several levels. You can use them right away or have to match them to create an item that is many times stronger. This item mechanism like this will keep you motivated to fight and fight for more.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes are not too sharp. But it still shows the spirit of the game’s fast-paced battle. The image of muscular heroic warriors in chibi style will make you instantly fall in love and want to control them.

The background is simple, but the combat effects are done very well. The accompanying sound is equally attractive, making the game so dramatic.

Download Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK for Android

Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes is a real-time combat role-playing game you must play when you want to witness intense fighting between teams of heroes and soldiers. By intelligently taking advantage of your team members, you will in turn win more victories.