DriverPack Solution Online for Windows

DriverPack Solution is a free utility that scans your PC to deliver the optimal drivers for you to install. DriverPack will give you replacement programs to install after the software identifies missing and outdated drivers. The application is offered as a Network, Online, and Offline download for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP computers and laptops.

Is DriverPack Online safe?

While DriverPack is safe to use on your PC, the app delivers in-app third-party advertisements that pose potential privacy risks for your data. The ads are already selected within the ‘Drivers’, ‘Software’, and ‘Security’ tabs. You will need to unselect the boxes that you are not interested in to make sure that you are not installing unwanted applications.

While the proposed apps are popular, the assumption that you already want the services on your PC poses risks. DriverPack Solution is an open-source project that you can code within the GNU GPL license. You can securely download and install the original version on your PC, although the modified editions are not officially safe.

Is DriverPack Solution free?

Artur Kuzyakov developed and released DriverPack Solution as a free download. Drivers are available to use for plenty of devices: controller, printer, smartphone, video card, webcam, etc. DriverPack has an extensively large database of driver options.

How do I download DriverPack Solution?

The driver manager can be used for personal and professional purposes. The tool is optimal for technicians. You can install the DriverPack Solution Online, Offline, and Network editions. While the Online installer will only download programs while connected to Wi-Fi, both the Offline and Network options will let you work with your drivers without an internet connection.

How do I use DriverPack Solution?

The right panel within the first screen will highlight the driver updates that will be executed. You will be prompted to press a green button in the middle of the screen to perform an automatic setup. Alternatively, you can enter into the application by clicking on the ‘Expert Mode’ button at the bottom of the screen next to the gear icon.

‘Expert Mode’ will make sure that you are aware of what is being installed onto your PC. The user interface is tabbed into four main sections. DriverPack delivers driver, software, security, and diagnostic services. You can view information about your PC specs within the ‘Diagnostics’ area: manufacturers, temperature, etc. A summary of your hardware and software will be at the beginning of the section.

You can make sure that you are viewing all of the relevant options by toggling the ‘View installed and alternative drivers’ and ‘View additional information’ switches to the right within the ‘Drivers’ tab. A complete list of installed and suggested drivers will be listed for each device. Two programs will be listed within each section the ‘Recommended’ and ‘Current driver’.

The ‘Recommended’ option will come from the DriverPack database. You can compare the dates that are listed at the end of the version labels. The three dots to the right of each title will let you either install the drivers or search the version on the internet to do more research. DriverPack will create a restoration point before the installation begins.

The driver installation steps will be written within the ‘Items to install’ list at the bottom of the page. You can monitor the progress within the loading bar. A completion screen will appear to let you choose whether you want to continue to install drivers or finish the process. If there are more programs to update, then the drivers will be listed on the right side.

Which is the best driver updater?

IObit Driver Booster and Snappy Driver Installer are free utilities that let you update drivers for a better user experience. The apps will scan your system for nonexistent or old programs that you can update to the latest versions. While IObit can create an automatic reset point, Snappy requires you to mark the ‘Create a restore point’ feature. Both of the tools are compatible with Windows PC systems.

Service to optimize drive performance

DriverPack scans your system to deliver recommended drivers to install from their comprehensive database. The platform is translated to over 45 languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, Greek, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish, etc. The freeware will allow you to use your devices more efficiently. A restore point will be created before changes are made.

What is the latest version of DriverPack Solution?

DriverPack is updated on a regular basis to resolve errors and issues. You can view the current software versions on their website.