Honkai Star Rail codes September 2023

Honkai Star Rail codes September 2023

All aboard, because we’ve gathered this list of all the latest Honkai Star Rail codes to help you out on your astral adventure. Of course, you get plenty of awesome goodies and bountiful rewards from missions, quests, and events, but everyone loves a freebie, right? We update this guide regularly, so be sure to check back often to snap up all the HSR codes as soon as they drop, so you can grab all the latest goodies.

If you want to see which characters you should be spending those hard-earned HSR stellar jades on from Honkai Star Rail redeem code list, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Honkai Star Rail banner guides. We’ve also got a roundup of the latest Honkai Star Rail update, along with info on all the current and upcoming Honkai Star Rail events.

Here are all the new Honkai Star Rail codes:

  • MB6N2TVCSQ9F – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • STARRAILGIFT – 50 stellar jade, 10k credits, two traveler’s guides, and five bottled soda

You can also head to the Hoyofest 2023 website to pick up single-use codes for Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Honkai Impact, and Tears of Themis.

Expired codes:

  • 8B64E57RPP3P – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • BTN5EL69P6K3 – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • 2SP2XE4YBJBB – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • BSN2EWMHA4RP – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • SURPRISE1024 – 30 stellar jade, three adventure logs, two dust of alacrity, and 5k credits
  • GOODGAME1024 – three condensed aether, five travel encounters, and 10k credits
  • HSRVER10JYTGHC – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits
  • ZTPTNMTX8LUF – 100 stellar jade and 50k credits
  • 8A6T6LBFQ4D3 – 100 stellar jade and five traveler’s guides
  • DB7A64BW8LC7 – 100 stellar jade and five refined aether
  • CS75WMP976AK – 100 stellar jade
  • 9A6BHRKX4XNL – 100 stellar jade and 50k credits. CN server
  • 5S6BZ93E4WN8 – 100 stellar jade and five traveler’s guide. CN server
  • TTNAYQ3FMF9U – 100 stellar jade and five refined aether. CN server
  • 2T7BP4JVEBT7 – three adventure logs, two condensed aethers, three cosmic fried rice, 5k credits
  • HSRGRANDOPEN1 – 100 stellar jade and 50k credits
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2 – 100 stellar jade and five traveler’s guides
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3 – 100 stellar jade x100 and four refined aether
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE – 50 stellar jade and 10k credits

Honkai Star Rail livestream codes

The Honkai Star Rail 1.3 livestream codes have now expired. Check back in a few weeks for the 1.4 livestream codes!

Honkai Star Rail Prime Gaming rewards

If you subscribe to Prime Gaming, you can pick up four Honkai Star Rail bundles with items that include stellar jade and loads of other good stuff. Simply follow this link to pick up the following items:

  • 60 stellar jade
  • 40k credits
  • Five refined aether

This bundle runs until August 29 and is followed by another three drops in the following weeks. If you’re yet to sign up for Prime Gaming, you can get a free 30-day trial below!

How do I redeem my Honkai Star Rail codes?

The Honkai Star Rail redeem code process is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Head to the Honkai Star Rail redeem page
  • Log into your Hoyoverse account
  • Select your server
  • Paste your redemption code into the box
  • Hit redeem
  • Head to your in-game mailbox and enjoy your rewards!

Alternatively, you can redeem Honkai Star Rail codes in-game by following these steps:

  • Launch Honkai Star Rail
  • Go to the pause menu
  • Tap the ‘…’ icon next to your namecard
  • Select the code redemption option
  • Paste or type your code in the text box
  • Hit confirm
  • Head to the in-game mailbox and claim those goodies!

Honkai Star Rail codes - Qingque holds up two mahjong tiles while smiling at the camera

How do I get more Honkai Star Rail stellar jade?

You’re going to need a lot of stellar jade in order to roll for more characters. Here are the best methods.

  • Aptitude Showcase: similar to test runs in Genshin Impact, Aptitude Showcases let you try out characters to gain rewards, here are the current goodies:
    • Test Honkai Star Rail’s Imbibitor Lunae, Honkai Star Rail’s Asta, Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong, and Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th to earn stellar jade, adventure logs, immortal scionette, artifex’s modules, silvermane badges, credits, and thief’s instincts
  • Quests: complete quests to earn more stellar jade
  • Chests: opening chests in-game gives you a couple of free stellar jade
  • Achievements: these are objectives you can complete in-game, that also grant you stellar jade
  • Simulated Universe – complete worlds in the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe and use the points you earn to claim stellar jade and other goodies
  • Forgotten Hall – work your way through the many levels of the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall and earn extra stellar jades by completing battles within a set amount of turns
  • Warp trotters – hunt down those space piggies, the Honkai Star Rail warp trotters. On defeat, each one gives you 60 stellar jades
  • Dailies – complete your Honkai Star Rail dailies to snap up a set amount of stellar jades – you guessed it – every day!
  • Events – participate in multiple, time-limited Honkai Star Rail events to snap up a heap of goodies, including plenty of stellar jade

Where do I get more Honkai Star Rail redeem codes?

The best place to pick up the latest codes is right here! So bookmark this page and check back from time to time. You can also follow the official Honkai Star Rail Twitter and Facebook, or join the Discord channel as well.

What are Honkai Star Rail codes?

HSR codes give you in-game freebies such as stellar jade to spend on new characters and credits to buy some helpful items. Hoyoverse tends to release codes alongside update livestreams, these happen every six weeks for Genshin Impact, so we hope to see them appear as often in Honkai Star Rail.

That’s all the Honkai Star Rail redeem codes we’ve got for now, but keep your eyes peeled as we update this guide frequently. In the meantime, be sure to snap up some more Hoyoverse goodies with our Genshin Impact codes, or get yourself ready for all the upcoming Honkai Star Rail events and Genshin Impact events.