Easter Bunny LIVE event online – Wonder Adventures

easter bunny love online event

Interactive live sessions with The Easter Bunny…..delivered online….

Learn bunny skills

Solve the riddles and do your own treasure hunt at your house, hosted by the Easter Bunny

Singing and dancing with the Easter Bunny Hop

Meet the Easter Bunny LIVE online

easter event for kids

hide the clues your house
Easter bunny clues to hide and find at your house
Bunny shout outs
You might even get a bunny shout out, interactive LIVE online
Easter Bunny story
Storytime with the Easter bunny is part of the event
easter bunny fun
Guaranteed to bring smiles and egg-citement!

easter bunny online

“I’d love to meet your family over my magic airwaves… come and join me for a very special LIVE broadcast where I will teach you special bunny skills, tell you my Easter Bunny story, lead you in a fun egg hunt AND we’ll do my amazing Easter Bunny Hop song and dance together! All from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

  • Interactive Easter fun for kids – broadcast through Facebook live, through an exclusive private Facebook group; only available to families who have pre-registered. There is also an option to watch on youtube.
  • Includes printable clue points and certificates (optional) to use during the experience with your child / children.
  • Only one registration required per family / group of children.
  • Once you have registered you will be sent confirmation, along with a link for a private Facebook group. Your request to join will be approved and you can then access the clue points to download and all information about our children’s session.
  • There will be bonus materials delivered in the group.
  • You join live from home at your registered time.
  • Use the chat box to interact live; tell the bunny who your child is and what they are saying / doing and the Easter Bunny will also give some shout outs and respond to some comments.


Easter Sunday 4th April 1.30pm

Easter Sunday 4th April 3pm

You will, be sent joining instructions following your purchase.

Price is per household, not per child.

How does the treasure hunt part of the event work?

The Easter Bunny is very excited to get your little ones ready for the excitement of Easter. Are your children ready to learn Easter Bunny skills, the bunny hop and bunny shuffle? The Easter Bunny is so excited to teach children his Easter Bunny Hop song too!

Most importantly, the bunny will be hosting his amazing fun treasure hunt game LIVE in your home. He will take you through riddles and clues which your children will help solve. They will be given one minute to find each clue point, one at a time, six in all, which you will hide around your home to set up the fun. You can print or draw the clues from our helpful PDF downloads in advance of the event. This event is broadcast LIVE to your house-hold and guarantees to set up the excitement of Easter in a fantastic interactive way. Children and your household will be joining in with Easter bunny skills training, games and songs, as well as an amazing Easter themed treasure hunt game around your home.

This one hour event is guaranteed to get your little ones active and excited for Easter. Bunny ears are recommended but not essential! Spring flowers and egg treats also highly recommended to set the atmosphere in your living room…

This one hour long event is recommended for 2 to 10 year olds and households that love imaginative fun together. Little ones will need some adult support and in all cases pre-booking and preparation of clues around your home is essential.

Can’t make it? Then get the Easter Bunny’s downloadable interactive egg hunt….

Videos, riddles, clue points and puzzles……a 45 minute interactive activity to download and do anytime over the Easter weekend, as part of or in addition to your egg hunt…. learn more here