Genshin Impact Xiao Build & Weapon

Xiao is a character in Genshin Impact 4.0 that uses Anemo Polearm. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, weapon, artifacts, talent materials, rating, kit for & tier!

Xiao Tier

**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.

Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

Strengths & Weakness Of Xiao

Strengths- Powerful and consistent AoE damage through his Elemental Burst – Does not rely on reactions to deal huge damageWeakness- Limited support characters that fit Xiao well – Knocks back enemies, making it tricky to deal continues damage  ↳ You have to chase the enemies thrown off – Energy management is needed for consistency

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Xiao Best Build

Xiao Anemo Hyoercarry Build

This build will allow Xiao to act as a Hypercarry for your team, dealing high DMG by himself, which can be bolstered by his support. You don’t need Elemental Mastery here since you won’t be using Xiao to swirl.

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Xiao Best Weapon

Anemo Hypercarry Build

Primordial Jade Winged Spear Or Staff Of Homa?

When choosing between the two, it will come down to your team comp and playstyle. The Primordial Jade Winged Spear offers a consistent DMG increase, while the Staff of Homa is more geared towards high risk, high damage gameplay. The Staff of Homa will require a shielder and healer to keep Xiao safe.

CR/CD Weapons Are Recommended

For Xiao to be an effective hypercarry, it’s important for him to have a good Crit Rate & Crit DMG ratio. Having a weapon with these stats will make it easier to build CR/CD and will not limit your artifacts too much.

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Xiao Best Artifacts

Xiao Anemo Hypercarry Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Anemo Hypercarry Build

Artifact Stat Priority

Main: Flat HP Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy RechargeMain: Flat ATKSub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy RechargeMain: ATK% Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy RechargeMain: Anemo DMG Bonus Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy RechargeMain: Crit Rate/DMG Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge

Not Much Difference Between Vermillion Hereafter / VV&Glad

When it comes to choosing between a full Vermillion Hereafter set or two-piece VV & Glad, it will boil down on which ones have better sub-stats. The artifacts are not much different when it comes to DMG output so choose the one with the better stats.

Only Build Offensive Sub-Stats

As a Hypercarry, you need to be able to deal as much damage as possible with Xiao. Because of this, you are required to only build offensive stats including Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and ATK%.

When Using Marechaussee Hunter Focus On Increasing CRIT DMG and ATK

For Marechaussee Hunter, you will already get a huge amount of CRIT Rate, focusing on CRIT DMG and ATK would be better for your build when using this Artifact Set.

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Xiao Best Team Comp

Premium Team For Xiao

Main DPSSub-DPSBatter / SupportSub-DPS / ShieldXiaoAlbedoJeanZhongliDetails – Very expensive team comp, but currently, the best team comp for Xiao- Jean will act as a battery for Xiao, while providing healing for the team- Albedo will provide on-field DPS with his Elemental Skill- Zhongli can offer shred and a shield for Xiao

Other Characters That Works With Xiao

Free To Play Friendly Party

Main DPSSub-DPSEnablerSupportXiaoXianglingSucroseBennettDetails – A relatively easy-to-build team comp for Xiao- Bennett & Xiangling for Pyro resonance- Xiangling’s Burst will provide additional DPS while Xiao is using his Burst- Sucrose will act as a battery

Notes About Team Comps For Xiao

There are not a lot of characters that can work well with Xiao so when create a team with him, you do need to build around him. Most of his good supports are 5-star characters, which makes it even harder to create teams for him.

Xiao Guide – How To Use Xiao?

Recommended Rotation For Xiao

Recommended Rotation1Build energy by using Elemantal Skill. Use 2 in succession to get increased damage for the second one2Switch to other characters and unleash Buff/Bursts to support Xiao3Bring out Xiao and use Elemental Burst4Spam Plunging Attack5Repeat Step 1

Uses Of Xiao’s Elemental Skill

Swift, High Damage Dash Attack

Xiao’s Elemental Skill allows him to dash through enemies, dealing high Anemo damage to those it hits. With his Disolution Eon: Heaven Fall talent, its damage is further increased with each subsequent use.

Can Be Used To Reposition

The Lemniscatic Wind Cycling can be used even when Xiao is in the air, allowing for quick repositioning or dodging. It can also be used to rush forward in pursuit of enemies.

Uses Of Xiao’s Elemental Burst

Boosts The Damage Of All Of Xiao’s Attack

Xiao’s Elemental Burst itself does not deal damage, but rather boosts the damage of all of Xiao’s other attacks. This means Xiao’s Normal, Plunge, Charged attack, and Elemental Skill during his Burst would all be boosted!

Xiao Loses Health During Burst Duration

Throughout Xiao’s Elemental Burst, he will constantly lose health. This puts a risk to the Burst when used and would require a healer for the team to constantly help him.

Increase The AOE Range Of Plunge Attack

The biggest benefit of Xiao’s burst is increasing the AOE of Xiao’s plunge attack. With increased damage from the Burst, Xiao’s deals high damage to all enemies within its field with every plunge!

Xiao Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Qingxin Farm Routes

Qingxin Farm Route

Talent Materials For Xiao

Xiao ‘s Recommended Talent Priority

Should You Get Or Wish For Xiao?

Pull If You Need An Anemo Hypercarry

Xiao is a top-class DPS that does not need any reaction to deal powerful damage. Despite using Anemo, he does not rely on Swirl but instead deals raw Elemental Damage. If you need another DPS, Xiao will definitely be of use. Even at C0, he’s strong so you don’t need too much investment in his constellations.

Best Constellation For Xiao

Constellation 1 For Easier Energy Gathering

With constellation 1, Xiao will have 3 charges of his skill enabling him to gather more energy with ease helping his Energy problems by alot.

Constellation 6 Will Change His Playstyle

At max constellation, Xiao will receive a charge of his Elemental Skill when you hit 2 enemies or more with his Plunge attacks during Elemental Burst. Because of this, your main damage source will be the Elemental Skill instead of Plunge Attacks, greatly changing his playstyle.

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